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This is my new FRIENDS-ONLY post. Comment and you may be added. Don't be disappointed if you're denied access. It's probably because I've met you in person and you've somehow stumbled upon this LJ. Go back to http//liquidblackout.livejournal.com.

The thought and look of pills seem to cheer me up. For me, pictures of pills are the perfect image of salvation. This journal often has themes of various legal pills, hence the selected image. They're all just dazzling, but I really like the four-leaf clover pills.

I am aware that they are irrelevant to my LJ and I know what they are.

I am not an ecstasy user, but I simply posted the picture as a new front cover for this LJ, because I like the pretty colours. I admit that I've considered consuming them, but I am certainly not a user as of yet, nor do I seriously intend to be.

That is all, so take a chance and comment if you like.

I'm sorry if I deleted you on accident. If you still read my LJ, ask and I might add you back.
Alright, this is a music video and song about a drug I used to take: Paxil (Paroxetine). I didn't take it properly, which is probably what made me manic
I keep listening/watching this one, because: a) I can't pick out all the lyrics and b) it's so funny, lol
It's a parody of Justin Timberlake's SexyBack


As mentioned, in the liquidblackout LJ, there's an updated version of Nightmare Before Christmas with a new soundtrack. Here's the Fiona Apple's cover of Sally's Song. Enjoy!

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